Celebrates the body and empowers the wearer.

Delicate yet Emboldened,   JVB's

Swimwear, Lingerie, Loungewear and Bridal accessories

have been worn around the world.

Designed in Los Angeles with a focus on sustainability.

Vintage Fabrics, Low Yields and Local Production 

Minimize Waste and Carbon Foot Print incurred 

from the design process to delivery.

Fantasy Everyday


founded in 2011 with couture bridal garters, and has grown into swimwear, lingerie and lounge. 

The label is named after Jillian Beyer,  a designer/developer who grew up in Mission Hills,  Kansas. She spent time in Southern France and the East Coast, before moving out to Los Angeles, California where she resides in Hermosa Beach.  During employment for mass production labels and companies, she felt the urgency to help shift the apparel and consumer industry to be sustainably focused from concept to delivery. With many myths on sustainable fashion, like using fabric made from recycled water bottles, JVB focuses on using available materials, designing and production locally to not create new waste and minimize the carbon footprint. All design, sampling, and production are done in the USA with minimal shipping and packaging. 

Jillian Von Beyer's inspiration comes from a fashion philosophy of sensually idolizing the female form, as well as studies in history, French, and the zeitgeist, experiences in travel and her own fantasizing.